Client Success


I joined Susanne's program because it seemed to deal with most of the symptoms I was experiencing. And I have to say I am so glad I did.  I went probably through one of the most stressful times in my life and I felt physically really good all the way through. I slept well, felt energetic, fairly balanced and was even able to expand my business.  My colleagues also noticed many positive changes in me.  I learned a lot about gut health and I’m certainly going to continue the same daily supplements regiments that Susanne tailored specifically for me due to its success.  I am glad I took the decision and invested in my health at this crucial point in my life.

- :Jacob-Christopher :Pardell


As a medical doctor and homeopath I decided to offer Scenar to my clients to improve their health outcomes.  I thoroughly enjoyed Susanne’s teachings to the extent that I asked her to develop me an entire wellness program and train my staff too. Susanne is methodical, presents very clearly and slowly, tries to answer all questions and above all knows her subject very well.  When she doesn’t know something she is not afraid to admit that. She is eager to have results and is emotionally connected with the subject and her clients.  Following her health recommendations and protocols I lowered my my sugar levels, lost 15 kg and effectively helped friends overcome anxiety and sleep issues.  I can highly recommend Susanne.  


I retired from my work as a gas worker because I had been dreaming about becoming a therapist for some time. I had invested in healing bioresonance machines before and love working with them. I also suffered from migraines regularly which I wanted to get rid of. I decided to join Susanne’s program because I realised that not only would I enhance my knowledge about frequency therapy, but I would also learn so many other things about health and staying healthy. I didn't realize how much diversity her training would offer. Susanne is very thorough, patient, supportive, kind and truly caring. I am glad to have made this decision because I did indeed learn a great deal including such subjects as diet and inflammatory foods. I followed Susanne’s health protocols myself and lost about 10 pounds and felt full of energy, my migraines also reduced drastically and I feel that if I remain consistent with what I am doing, they may leave altogether. Susanne always reminds me to stay on task because if you don't you will notice the difference; which I did with the migraines. It was truly an honor to train with Susanne and I love that I have the capacity to reach out when I need. I can’t wait to become professionally certified in Scenar and continue my journey healing others. 

Thank you so much Susanne, we love you and appreciate you.🙏

- :Don-Lee :Taylor

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I contacted Susanne’s because of my painful Tennis Elbow and generally feeling a little bit run down.  It only took 4-5 weeks for the pain in my elbow to disappear and I also became a lot more energetic.  My partner and I have started using the Scenar and Susanne’s health protocol on friends with great results.   I have decided to buy a professional device and open up my own practice.  I am very happy!

- :Alexandre :Gabriel

- Dr Christos Hadjicostas

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I took the course with Susanne and I learned a great deal about the uses of the Scenar device which drastically improved certain ailments that I complained about from the onset of my sessions. The health protocols provided to me during this course allowed me to lose 35lbs in 60 days and as I continue to utilize these protocols, I will reach my future goals. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to improve their overall health in an alternative format.

- :Kevin :Mathis-El

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I found Susanne’s knowledge to be extensive, she definitely knows her staff.  Her treatments are cutting edge and she show tremendous caring for each and every client she takes on.  I have no doubt in the treatment protocol or what she is doing. 

- Dr Alex Reznansky (DDS)

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My Health Improved For The Better!  Susanne has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of natural healing for the body in this digital era. She coached me step by step on how to heal my body naturally. I discovered muscles in my body that were dormant, but needed exercising. Pains in both legs and knees, bloating and hay fever simply ebbed away. Many thanks to you Susanne, I actually got more than I bargained for, you over delivered. Really appreciate all your help in my wellbeing.

:Frederick :of the Tagoe family, England.

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I am so thankful that I met Susanne in the Azores. I came with multiple health issues I was really struggling with. Susanne took me through a 5 days healing process that have completely changed my life. I am very thankful.

- :Darcy :Englert

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I was highly recommended to Susanne by a friend and booked a course of treatments with her. I found Susanne to be extremely diligent, knowledgable, and helpful but, best of all what she has done for me has worked and I have already taken some of my family members to see her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Susanne to anyone else. Thank You Susanne.

- J Hawkins

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I had decades of chronic back pain which I had given up getting rid of. I've just had one session with Susanne doing the Scenar and I can't believe how much pain relief I'm already experiencing. So, I'm very pleased with her.

- Peter Heaney

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I originally sought out a therapist, such as Susanne, due to the slightly odd situation of having lost a lot of weight, which seemed to coincide with increased knee pain along with many other structural dysfunctions. I believe her programme is a good investment in one's health combining holistic health advice and learning functional movement that will benefit someone for the rest of their life. Thank you.

- Harjeet Purewal

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I went to see Susanne as I wanted to lessen pain in my frozen shoulder. Susanne is patient, knowledgeable, kind and really does go the extra mile, and if she is unsure she consults others and comes back with suggestions. Having a structured exercise programme has been a lifeline for me. Thanks so much. 

- Rachel Lewis

​The reason I came to see Susanne was because I had a torn knee and my right hip was also in a lot of pain. I was in a low point in my life, I couldn't see my way through. I trusted what Susanne said and I'd say I felt like I was back in the game. The benefits as a result working with Susanne is that she gave me a road map. She had a better vision for me than I had for myself. I learned to put myself first and I'd say that my life has 80%-85% turn around. I have to say, I am back on track!

- Hasina Zaman

When I started to see Susanne, I was suffering with a lot of pain in my left shoulder. Susanne really helped me internally and externally with a lot of things. I feel a lot stronger and healthier. I am really really pleased with the results I've achieved.

 - Clive Lewis

Susanne treated me over the course of 10 weeks last for severe eczema, asthma and insomnia. Over the weeks I saw a very significant improvement in my condition as well as a re-balance of my mental state of mind. In fact, after the course had finished, I continued to see improvement and has, to date, not had severe symptoms again. I feel that this treatment has done what conventional medicine cannot do; re-balancing your inner energies so that your body can start to heal itself again. I can only give Susanne and her treatments my highest recommendation. 

- Jane Nielsen

I came to see Susanne after I had a problem with shoulder, left upper body side and my stomach.  I went to see several professionals, but no one was giving me the results I was expecting.  I came across Susanne's website and what Susanne did is absolutely amazing. I actually started to see a lot of differences by the second or the third session.  I can move again and I can do a lot of things that I couldn't do before. The major benefits of seeing Susanne is the fact that she has a holistic view, and she provides you with a customized and personalized diagnosis, she's also great at doing follow-ups.

- Latifa Arab

I was struggling with a lot of health related issues when I met Susanne. She put me on a comprehensive health protocol and a lot of my issues started to clear up. Once I was able to get those aspects in my life back in order, everything else fell into place as well. I didn't need to be retested to confirm my great results because I feel great!

Neshwa Boukhari

Thank you for your competence, the commitment you have to working out a plan tailored to my individual needs and how you work tirelessly to perfect it session by session, how you are so meticulous in giving me feedback in the sessions and when you work out each new menu, how you are inspirational in setting goals and opening up hitherto unthought of vistas of expectation, the fun and humour you inject into the sessions, your holistic approach and your flexibility in how open you are to taking on ideas and suggestions from the client and integrating these into your programme, your generosity of spirit.

- Marjory McKenzie