Health Assessments

We use ground breaking 21st century high-tech FDA approved bioresonance testing for our Health Assessments with high accuracy to optimise health in all types of clients whether they are healthy, ill or suffering from pain.

We recognise the uniqueness of our clients and carefully guide and help them through their health journey to reach SUPERIOR HEALTH, whilst educating them with the motivation, knowledge and skills they need to live pain-free, radiant and motion-rich lives for longer.


Our Health Assessment Package Includes:


  • Initial consultation with an in-depth discussion of your health concerns & history

  • In-clinic testing with a FDA-Approved  functional medical bio-resonance device, a copy of the Bio-resonance report and a 1 page summary of the main findings

  • Recommended supplementation and diet including nutritional changes 

  • Functional Anatomy assessment with posture report and exercise plan

  • A biofeedback treatment with Scenar or Rife

  • Final bespoke consultation so you understand the results and understand the lifestyle changes you have to undertake to optimise your health


Please see below for more details

  1. In-Clinic Testing for Pathogens & Chemicals


Using the SRT Bioscan - which is a functional medical device - you will be scanned for over 1000 stressors that can lead to chronic inflammation including:


  • Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi)

  • Molds & yeast

  • Mycotoxins

  • Chemicals & pesticides

  • Heavy metals

  • Food additives

  • Food intolerances (e. Grains, dairy incl. many cheeses, shellfish, nuts & seeds, fruit, vegetables, cooking oils, )

  • Anti-oxidants

  • Enzymes

  • Tree pollen & grass 

  • Teeth

  • Internal organs

  • Joints

  • This is not an exclusive list 

  • You will get a copy of the Bioresonance report. 


We will also encourage you to do blood testing with your general physician on sugar levels, cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid, kidney & liver function and key vitamins and minerals if available.   Click here to watch this video to see how we do some of the testing.

B) Supplementation & Diet


Based on the above report, you will get a bespoke health protocol with recommendations to supplements and diet specific to you to get you well fast.


We follow the functional medical approach in our clinic focussing on:


Removal of toxins, allergens, parasites, bad bacteria and fungus to get rid of the toxic burden on the body that can cause widespread inflammation and chronic disease.


Replenishing the body with key vitamins and minerals enhanced through a nutrient-rich diet to optimise health for each unique individual.  We will develop a diet bespoke to you to reverse disease, prevent illness and optimise health.

Restoring the gut flora using pre- and probiotics to strengthen the gut lining. Evolving research states that changes in the gut microbiota has profound effects on inflammation, our nervous system, mental health and behaviours.


Repairing the body with antioxidants and fatty acids to restore balance. This aims to reverse inflammation and optimise the immune system.


Rebalance hormones and mind using biofeedback technology and natural extracts to restore overall hormonal balance. Sleep and stress issues will be dealt with too.


So for example, if the scan shows that you suffer from fungal overgrowth, I will recommend a strict anti-fungal food plan for 6 weeks.  This plan is based on the approach developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).  This will be accompanied by natural supplementation to speed up the healing process.


Or if you suffer from bad SIBO or bad bacterial overgrowth, which can lead to leaky gut and chronic disease such as IBS or even auto-immune dysfunction, we will recommend the elimination diet developed by the IFM.  This diet cuts out key inflammatory foods for a period of time to heal the gut.  This will again be accompanied by natural supplementation. 


Similarly we recommend an anti-inflammatory diet if you are suffering from chronic joint pain or Arthritis.  Where there is pain, there is inflammation.  This  will be made worse through the foods you eat, pathogens and something called leaky-gut.  Most people who follow a wheat-rich and processed-grain diet have this condition.

And finally if the scan reveals that you suffer from toxic overload, we will start detoxing you straight away using the Rife Machine or Scenar device.  This will be followed by unique supplementation coming from the coast of Chile used during Fukushima and Chernobyl and a strict detox diet from the IFM. 


C) Functional Anatomy Assessment


We will also do a full functional anatomy assessment to ensure mobility and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system including:


  • Posture assessment to determine imbalances and misalignments

  • Functional exercises to determine dysfunctions

  • Posture report outlining key misalignments and dysfunctions 

  • Exercise plan with link to videos to address imbalances, misalignments and dysfunctions.

  • The exercise plan will be totally bespoke to you and can vary from 20 - 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on how much time you have or can commit to doing.

  • Many people suffering from chronic pain cannot imagine doing exercise, but please do not worry. You willl not be given any exercise that will be taxing or aggravate your pain.  

  • Also many exercises can be done in different positions ranging from lying down, sitting or standing.  This will be your choice. 

Next Steps //


You can then either:


  • Sign on to my online group health coaching webinars Superior Health in a Digital World program (10 sessions incl. supplements & biofeedback device).  More information available upon request, please get in touch via email.

  • Do bespoke online 1-1 health coaching based on the Superior Health in a Digital World program (10 sessions incl. supplements & biofeedback device).  More information available upon request, please get in touch via email.


  • Visit us at our clinic in London and get face-to-face therapy (at least 6 sessions).  More information available upon request, please get in touch via email.


Each program or session whether face-to-face or online encompasses following pillars:


Pillar 1 - Eat For Superior Health & Life ensures that we help you develop excellent nutritional eating and cooking habits to reduce inflammation, reverse disease and prevent future illness as well.  This will be based on the nutritional guidelines based on 22,000 research studies.  This is a scientifically proven strategy that will enable you to nourish your body, conquer your food cravings and food addictions, whilst steering your taste buds towards healthier food choices.  You will be able to reverse disease such as heart disease, headaches, high sugar levels, high blood pressure & cholesterol levels and you will feel better than ever before. You will also lose excess weight in a sustainable way.  This way of eating will create the bio-chemical environment in your body to thrive and what amounts to essentially a long and healthy life without the usual age-related diseases (in 90% of the cases).


Pillar 2 - Find Your Healing Frequency is about the ultimate healing device called Scenar originally developed for astronauts when space.  I will treat you with Scenar myself applying a range of protocols that will relieve pain, fight inflammation and increase the production of neuropeptides and anti-oxidants.  The device is also great for relaxing you. 


Pillar 3 - Rapid Recovery Movement based on the functional anatomy / postural alignment assessment above will align, rebalance and strengthen your musculoskeletal system. This is the foundation for experiencing lasting relief from chronic pain.  This program will be adjusted after every session and the progress you are making.


Pillar 4 - Lifetime Success Strategies will ensure that you develop sustainable lifestyle practices particularly in the kitchen. We will introduce you to the best cooking techniques to preserve nutrients and show you devices that can be purchased to get your food pesticide- and toxin-free, drink clean water and breathe fresh air even if you live in the inner-city.  We will also coach you in the continued use of supplements.  This will ensure that you get exposure to all the beneficial nutrients.  Major blood testing should then be required only every 5 years.


Pillar 5 - To Breathe Properly is to Live Properly deals with the ultimate life source: “Breathing”. The amount of oxygen we breathe influences the amount of energy that is re- leased into our body's cells. In this part of the program, I will teach you a great breathing technique that will maximise oxygen levels in your body to increase energy and to fight inflammation so you can live a long and healthy life.  This is incredibly energising and powerful.


Each coaching or therapy session whether bespoke, in a group, online or face-to-face lasts for around 2 hours.


Note: If required I may send you to a masseur and osteopath to loosen-up tight muscles or fascia. 


Please watch the introductory Masterclass Superior Health in a Digital World.